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The 11th Element
By Bob Scheinfeld
6 CD`s - $99.95

The 11th Element

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Product Information

Your wealth, career, and achievements are all molded by a powerful set of secretive, rarely talked about forces known as the "11th Element."

Many of the wealthiest people in the world have quietly used the 11th Element to free an avalanche of successfulness and possibility in their lives. As they've discovered, this mysterious and virile force is the key to finding remunerative business and investment opportunities … sending the sales, profits, and value of any business high rise … reducing debt and building long-term wealth ... creating new products, services, and ideas … starting your own business impressively increasing your productivity … and attaining everything else you have been wishing for and working towards!

But almost no one has explored the elaborations of the 11th Element or revealed the mysteries to accessing it UNTIL NOW.

In this breakthrough program, Bob reveals the mysterious 11th Element, and shows you how to tap into it. By adopting and getting at the 11th Element, you will be able to:

* Achieve astounding, new clarity in all parts of your life.

* Constantly make the right, best decisions for yourself, your business, your finances, your future - and do so with amazing swiftness.

* Change your current capabilities beyond belief.

* Find and pull in exactly the right people for a particular job or project.

* introduce with ease.

* Get positive responses, acceptance, and willing cooperation from colleagues, employees, even friends and family members.

* Develop sales and marketing discoveries and "giant leaps" in your business - or any business.

* Acquire the money you need to start, grow, flourish, multiply, or re-engineer a business.

* Get a lot more done with less stress

* And much, much more!

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