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The 12 Life Secrets
By Robert Stuberg
6 CD`s - $79.95

The 12 Life Secrets

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Product Information

Robert Stuberg delivers rewarding new ideas and thoughts on success that merge his own practical, down-to-earth philosophy with basic teachings that have been handed down through the ages. In one complete set, he converges all you'll ever need to know to attain lasting success in your life.

In this program, Robert Stuberg teaches you how to:

- Get away from the crowd and go your own way toward success
- Build your all-important core belief system
- Establish goals that will help you manifest the success you desire
- Get on with your life by getter in tune with yourself
- Ramp up a lasting treasure that will accelerate your achievement of financial independence
- Draw in success through womb-to-tomb learning and documentation of your life experiences
- Uncover the unrealized mysterious wealth of your mind, your talents, and your time
- Handle problems with efficiency rather than running from them
- Become a controller of your own time
- Resist getting out of the way; lead instead
- Assume responsibility for your health and your life


Session 1: The Secret That Will Change Your Life
Session 2: Where Are You Now And Why?
Session 3: How Will You Know When You're Successful?
Session 4: The Secret To Improving Your Life
Session 5: How To Become Financially Independent
Session 6: The Secret To Increasing Your Knowledge
Session 7: How To Help ANY Problem Or Challenge
Session 8: What Single Word Guides Your Life?
Session 9: The Secret To Expanding Time
Session 10: The Master Law Of Success
Session 11: WhatÕs Your Vision Of The Future?
Session 12: The Most Valuable Possession In The World

Get in gear now and look for how to reach deep within you to set free incredible powers that will lead you to true life mastery.

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