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The 28 Laws of Attraction
By Thomas Leonard
7 CD`s - $89.95

The 28 Laws of Attraction

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Product Information

With Thomas Leonard's time-tested, power-packed system -- The 28 Laws of Attraction -- you'll walk away feeling a perceptiveness of how you can have things, people, and opportunities be drawn to you rather than your running after them. Thomas has found a way for success to find you.

These fundamentals are time-tested; they've been used by countless individuals. Thomas recommends that as you listen to the 28 laws, try them, get into them, and listen for the five that you feel are right for you. That's all you need to get involved with this program, it's as easy as that - and you'll be shocked at how quickly the changes start taking place.

In 28 Laws of Attraction you'll learn how to:

* Receive a fulfilling life, not just an telling lifestyle
* Do away with delay - get things done on time
* Point out to others how to please you and don't leave them wondering
* Render twice what you promise; strive to do it in less time than expected
* Detach yourself from the future and live securely in the present
* Become the best at your craft and market your skills unashamedly
* Prioritize things in your life to make time for what really matters to you

As you employ these 28 attraction laws in your life, you'll gain the knowledge to define what success is for you. Because, after all, if you're going to be bringing things to you, you want to ensure you're attracting the right things. One of the modes to do that is to know without a doubt what's most important to you and what your resolution of success truly is.

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