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The 5 Disciplines of Powerful People
By John Powers
7 CD`s - $35.99

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Product Information

We always promise to do this or that, but not too many of us are able to actually complete those promises. Why? Because we never understood the basics of how to do it… making and attaining personal goals is not an asset taught in school or covered in on-the-job training. But now popular author and motivational speaker John Powers gives us a road map to maintaining those personal commitments.

In The Five Disciplines of Powerful People: How to Keep the Promises You Make to Yourself, John Powers holds you by the hand and takes you through making and keeping a promise to yourself. You'll seek out how we think when it comes to bettering our lives; uncover how to build the inner strength you must have to attain your goal; and, most importantly, follow through on those commitments you make to yourself. As you continue on your way through this powerful program, you'll learn to:

*Transfer wishes and dreams to promises you can keep
*Develop and direct your passions so you make the most of their motivational force
*Formulate, train and integrate practical thinking
*Keep on moving forward in pursuit of your promise
*Keep on moving toward success achievement
*Incorporate several personal power characteristics such as how to deliver when time is tight
*Live a life of personal ability, gratification and happiness

Establishing and grabbing a personal goal is one of the hardest and self-gratifying experiences most of us face. John delves into the reasons we never do half of the promises we make to ourselves.

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