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The 72 Names of God
By Yehuda Berg and Michael Moskowitz
7 CD's - $79.95

The 72 Names of God

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Product Information

In The 72 Names of God, you'll discover a remedy for just about every issue that's likely to come up in the course of a lifetime. Merely by properly meditating on the suitable Name, you will be able to:

* Amass more money into your life whenever you need it.
* Incite sexual energy and passion unlike anything you've felt before.
* help yourself of guilt and undo the damage it has caused you.
* Rekindle physical energy and heal illnesses - your own, and others'.
* Glow outwardly the beauty that everyone that looks at you sees.
* having the wrong people invade your life.
* Meet your true soul mate.
* And so much more!

The 72 Names are a component of the ancient spiritual tradition known as Kabbalah. For thousands of years, the wisdom of Kabbalah was considered far too strong for "ordinary" people. It was known and meditated on by only a few select scholars, theologians, and great thinkers, such as Plato, Shakespeare, and Isaac Newton.

But thanks to a far-flung revitalization of interest in Kabbalah in the 20th century and the loyalty of a new generation of Kabbalistic instructors, the amazing wisdom, sacred truths, and powerful insights of this tradition are becoming available to everyone.

Once you have The 72 Names of God, you will have the keys to an amazing God-given power: the power to proactively face up to and rapidly change almost any circumstance in your life: physical, emotional, material, and spiritual. This is honestly technology for the soul - awe-inspiring spiritual power that no one is meant to live without!

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