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The 7 Habits Mastery Series
By Stephen Covey and Steve Jones
9 CD`s - $109.95

The 7 Habits Mastery Series

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Product Information

The unrippled current of business is history. Today, upheaval reigns in what Dr. Stephen R. Covey terms the "permanent whitewater world."

In this program, The 7 Habits™Mastery Series, you'll travel beyond the 7 Habits and have a deeper, more life-changing experience. With charisma unique in presenting to a live audience, Dr. Covey will acquaint you with a new level of leadership possible within everyone. Dr. Covey's advance to leadership and life is principle-centered, with an vital seriousness of purpose. Whether you are a factory worker, CEO, middle manager, janitor, entrepreneur, or single parent, you can be recognized as a true leader through personal moral authority. As you'll learn, "Leadership is a choice. Not a attitude."

Principle-centered living and leadership assist you to:

* Grapple better with your day-to-day issues - and rise above your present conditions!
* Remove the girth binding your creativity, resourcefulness, ingenuity, intelligence, and talent - including how to set free other people's potential!
* Set your eyes on your highest priorities - and attain life balance!
* Establish third alternatives and win/win solutions with people who have opposing views from you or who have colliding personalities!
* Establish discipline, passion, a vision, and a conscience for yourself!
* Incorporate the four roles of leadership to lead others successfully - especially in times of chaotic change! And much more!

Dr. Covey says, "I'm convinced that the 7 Habits are increasingly relevant in today's turbulent, troubled, complex world of change. To live with change, to optimize change, you need principles that don't change."

Join the millions of people who have already went through these timeless, universal principles to meet life's issues … rise above them … and get professional success and personal satisfaction‚ in today's fickle, whitewater world!

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