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The 80/20 Principle
By Richard Koch
6 CD`s - $79.95

The 80/20 Principle

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Product Information

The 80/20 principle - also known as the Pareto principle - is the well-documented observation that in business, economics, and life generally, about 80 percent of all results come from a minor 20 percent of our efforts.

In this challenging and highly enlightening program, Richard Koch reveals the secrets to how this mysterious but true principle actually is right on … how it is involving your life right now … and how you can begin using it to your advantage. You'll learn:

* How to distinguish the critical 20% in every facet of your life
* How to relinquish the guilt when you think you should be working harder
* Why "time management" is a harmful false belief
* The 6 things successful 80/20 achievers do that you don't do
* How to make the 80/20 Principle function for you in your job, even when you don't have mastery over time
* What the 80/20 Principle can teach you about who the best candidate to hire is
* How to avoid confining yourself to life as a wage slave
* How the 80/20 principle can increase your money tenfold
* And much more!

The unspoken inference of the 80/20 principle is that a minute speck of what you spend your time on actually improves your life. But by focusing instead on the few things that do matter, you can slide open the bolt and slide into the enormous potential of the critical 20 percent and multiply your happiness and fulfillment.

When you learn how to consistently apply the 80/20 principle, you will finally have the might to go past the pressures of modern life: to become more successful AND to enjoy more fun time, peace of mind, and great relationships with friends and loved ones.

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