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The Accelerated Learning Spanish System
By Colin Rose
12 CD`s + 1 DVD - $199.95

The Accelerated Learning Spanish System

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Product Information

Learn Spanish the same easy, natural way you first learned English, using a brand new language system based on Nobel prize-winning research!

When you increase the number of languages you can speak and understand, you DOUBLE the chances available to you and the data you can access and use … and more than double the locations you can easily journey through and the people whose skills, assets, attributes, and interests you can connect with. And in North America, there is no second language more sensible and valuable than Spanish.

The Accelerated Learning process works so well and so fast because it procreates the same natural, multisensory language-learning process by which you learned English. Through a blending of linguistic affiliations, mnemonics, music, memory maps, name games, real-life dialogues, and other proven methods, Accelerated Learning effectively plunges you totally in the Spanish language, with an emphasis on the practical words and phrases native speakers converse with the most common everyday situations.

The effect is a language-learning system completely modeled to your own style - one which allows you to absorb Spanish with previously unbelievable speed, and absorb so much more of what you learn. Once you've helped the Spanish language, you will be able to:

* Delight in a whole new world of entertainment, movies, and music
* Speak with Spanish-speaking customers, clients, and associates and stun them with your ability
* Talk easily with native speakers in travel situations
* State facts, give instructions, and relay current, past, and future activities
* Use transportation systems confidently, get directions, and get your own way around cities and the countryside
* And much more!

With the Accelerated Learning system, you will be astonished by how efficiently you become a true Spanish speaker - and by all the modes your new language will improve your life.

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