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Accelerated Learning Techniques
By Brian Tracy and Colin Rose
6 CD's - $79.95

Accelerated Learning Techniques

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Product Information

Science has recommended that the human mind has an almost limitless capability for learning and processing information. The issue has always been how to access this incredible power.

Accelerated Learning Techniques tells you how.

Based on Nobel Prize-winning research, the up-to-date methods disclosed here can make a dramatic difference to you and your family, virtually promising success at work and school. For this is the perfect learning program, allowing you to identify and use your own unique way of learning, unleashing the strength of your whole brain. And as a result, you'll obtain skills that put you in the top 1% of people in our society.

Listen as Accelerated Learning Techniques teaches you:

o 17 memory methods and fundamentals
o 7 different intelligences and how to identify which is your personal strength
o 5 keys to very fast adult learning
o 6 stages of learning that works
o 7 success factors and how to get them work for you

Best-selling author Brian Tracy and world-wide renowned learning expert Colin Rose detail, step-by-step, how to:
o Create the positive mental attitude critical to learning success
o Exchange theoretical data for useful knowledge
o Use visual connection to remember every person you meet
o Replace speed reading with power reading
o Write and exchange ideas on paper more effectively

Are you ready to get the most popular, practical and proven methods of memorization? Integrate music into your learning resources. Boost your self-confidence and better your performance using mental rehearsal.

Accelerated Learning Techniques is your invitation to a revolutionary way of thinking. By harnessing the amazing mental powers within you, now you can accomplish any goal, help any obstacles and solve any problem you face.

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