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Advanced Selling Techniques
By Brian Tracy
6 CD's - $89.95

Advanced Selling Techniques

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Product Information

You know how vital it is to stay at least one step ahead of your customers, your competition, and the changing state of affairs of these business times that tend to be a trial, at the very least.

Seldom if ever do you distrust your ability to help blocks that stand in your way. You know how to take advantage of up-and-coming trends; you can become skilled at using any technique that can give you an edge. Your goal is to always strive to reach and maintain the top of your game.

And that's exactly what you have in Brian Tracy's Advanced Selling Techniques.

Following up on his unparalleled best-selling audiocassette program, The Psychology of Selling, Brian Tracy's Advanced Selling Techniques is a powerhouse advanced selling program for veteran sales professionals.

Learn the crucial issues involved in selling to professional buyers in large organizations. Learn how to make prospecting easier and more effective. Become the vendor of choice for your product or service.

Let renowned sales master Brian Tracy also teach you why:

* Basic selling techniques have been replaced
* Placement is the key to success in selling
* The need to buy has changed with business customers today
* People buy solutions, not issues
* Knowledge gathering is an investment with a high return
* Power influences purchases
* Education, skills, and experience are comparable to sales

As good as you are now, you can always be better... especially with a superb coach showing you the way. Brian Tracy's Advanced Selling Techniques is your means to immediately increase sales and gain even more spectacular selling success - your assurance of staying one step ahead.

This program has been developed experienced professional who is ready to earn more money, Brian Tracy's Advanced Selling Techniques will fine-tune your strategies for today's customers and markets.

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