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The Answers Are Within You
By Debbie Ford
6 CD's - $79.95

The Answers Are Within You

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Product Information

In this unequaled new audio program, The Answers Are Within You: Unveiling Life's Greatest Spiritual Secrets in the Shadow of Your Soul, Debbie coaxes you to open each and every chapter of your personal story, including the painful ones, and use them as a jumping-off point to a more purposeful and authentic life.

According to this New York Times best-selling author, each of us is born with a divine function and unique attributes, which we often lose sight of when we create our "story." This story, a collection of self-limiting thoughts, manufactures a false self and puts a shadow that prevents us from achieving success in many areas of our lives. As she tells you, "the key is to chasing the feel-good moments and make peace with our stories so we can understand, accept, and embrace everything in the past that has caused us pain." When we find the bravery to look into our painful stories, and adopt them for both the losses as well as the gains we have gone through, we can then open to the divine plan for our lives. In this sole program, Debbie shares her own story of addiction and how she learned to become in tune with it in order to gain greater soundness and ultimate direction in her life. She also shares fundamental, life-transforming insights on:

* How and why your story gets developed, how it becomes your individuality, and how you can avoid the sand trap of constantly "trying to fix yourself."
* How to make out what your core shadow beliefs are, and how to manage the incessant negative voices that keep you trapped in self-destructive life patterns.
* And much, much more!

This program will set you on a very clear-cut and exciting path to your true aim. You will excite both your curiosity and your sense of adventure as you check out the most fascinating territory you will ever encounter.

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