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The Automatic Millionaire
By David Bach
8 CD's - $99.95

The Automatic Millionaire

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Product Information

David Bach has developed a program where climbing the ladder to success and staying rich doesn't rely on earning a high income! And it doesn't necessitate strict budgeting, enormous willpower, big sacrifice, or frightening risk-taking. In fact, if the America Dream of financial freedom and lifelong financial security has been your aim in life, there's only ONE THING you really need to do - MAKE IT AUTOMATIC!

In The Automatic Millionaire, you'll uncover how to quickly and easily automate every single facet of your financial plan, step by step. Once you do that, you can finally thinking and fretting about your money - and start living and finish rich!

Unlike other money-making programs, The Automatic Millionaire takes a TOTALLY NEW and refreshingly down-to-earth approach to the planning for creating personal wealth, by providing you an easy-to-establish system that is completely resistant to the usual downfalls, like temptation, inactivity, and lack of willpower.

In this simple yet ground-breaking program, you'll learn how to:

* Completely automate your whole financial life, step by step, so you can vexing about your money.
* Learn how to get your money to work for you 24 hours a day, even while you sleep.
* help your budget .
* Successfully let go of debt quickly without sacrificing fun.
* Fend off up to 50% of your income being lost to taxes.
* Make yourself, your family, and your finances resistant to unexpected setbacks like job loss or sickness.
* Pinpoint exactly what you need to save to become a millionaire.
* Use the power of the Latte Factor® to get rich on just a few dollars a week.
* And so much more!

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