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Three Ways To Qualify Interested Prospects


If you’re in a selling situation where you get to call back leads that have expressed an interest in your product or service, then consider yourself lucky. Whether they come from traditional advertising sources or from the internet, inbound leads …

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5 Ways to Sound More Natural On the Phone

phone sales

I don’t know about you but I can always tell when a telemarketer is cold calling me. From the moment they begin speaking, “Hi is that Mr. Brooks?” to the way they fumble through their scripts, I have them pegged …

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How To Handle The Price Question


I receive emails all week long asking me how to qualify prospects better, how to stay in control when the prospect is blowing you off, how to overcome initial resistance, how to get to the decision maker, etc., etc.. I …

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The 4 Secrets of Leadership


Can you name the one or two best sales managers, or business owners you ever worked for? If so, how did they make you feel? What qualities or traits did they have in common, or which ones do you most …

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Tips For Effective Networking


We have all heard that networking is the way to get new business, get a new job and do just about anything else that requires another human being. Having a strong backing of people who either have similar goals or …

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Recession Proof Your Business – Live Teleseminar

Recession Proof Your Business

It’s unavoidable. Everywhere you turn today someone is talking about the recession and how it’s affecting their life somehow.

You will want to start promoting this today – this is EXACTLY what your customers need at this time in their …

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5 Tips On Effective Communication


People skills, some lucky individuals seem to have been born with the knack, while others struggle with it. They want to communicate effectively, to get of what they want out of life, to be more assertive, but those natural talents …

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Simple Ways To Motivate Your Employees


One of the biggest concerns a manager or business owner has in terms of having his company run efficiently is the level of motivation his employees have. Lack of motivation leads to slacking, absenteeism, negative perceptions, and ultimately loss of …

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9 Ways To Master The Art Of Public Speaking

public speaking

Being able to properly speak in front of an audience is a skill that can be immensely important, whether you are an artist, running a business, or being a student.  At one point or another, you will need to make …

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10 Rules To Give Great Customer Service


When you run a business, one of the most crucial areas in which you must excel in order to ensure your survival is customer service. Over the years, I have always made sure that this area was going to be …

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