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Can You Be Skinny & Still Need To Lose Fat?

The answer would be yes.  I came across this pretty good documentary about weight loss and for most of it, it hit the nail right on the head. As you will see by watching the video below, there is a …

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How To Live To Be 100 & Healthy

I watched this amazing BBC documentary last night on how in certain parts of the world, there are populations that defy the norm. They age more slowly, and live much healthier lives. There seems to be a variety of factors …

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Stress is Cortisol

What’s the use o’ howlin’
Tho’ the grind is long and hard,
The path to happiness never was
A well kept boolyvard—
Jes’ forget about yer troubles
That get ye riled and vexed,
Why—the spice o’ life is guessin’

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5 Insights to Increased Energy


1. Eat Healthy – Fats clog the plumbing and take time and energy to absorb into the body. The huge fat content in that drive-through burger you just devoured is why you will feel tired and sluggish an hour or …

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Definitive Guide To Protecting Yourself Against The Flu

swine flu

We’ve all been flooded by the media and our friends about the swine flu running rampant and spreading like mad all over the world. Truth is, swine flu is just one strand of a multitude of flues that are always …

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Offbeat Methods To Boost Your Energy


People are more sleep deprived and just generally stressed out. Their energy levels are taking a nosedive while the amount of things they have to get done in a day just keeps increasing. It is a vicious cycle where they …

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7 Offbeat Ways To Improve Your Health


There are the old tried and true methods to getting in better shape and prolonging your life, but most of us have already tried them all. There are ways to improve your health that are non-traditional and involve ideas and …

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Easy And Healthy Breakfast Ideas

healthy breakfast

Breakfast is such an important meal and it should be our largest meal of the day. Unfortunately for most people this means a drive through stop, a donut or some other unhealthy items that are full of too much fat …

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Advantages To Becoming A Vegetarian


A vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat. A more strict form of vegetarian, called a vegan, does not eat any animal products. This includes milk, eggs and honey. Both forms of vegetarianism have benefits for your health and …

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Top 7 Foods You Should Eat Every Day


Here’s a list of the top 7 foods that have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and a host of other illnesses. Best of all, you don’t have to change your current way of eating! Simply …

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