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20 Quotes about Living In the Moment (images)

We spend so much time taking the present moment for granted.  After all, life is happening right now…here are some uplifting quotes about living in the moment that will surely make you want to live your life more in the …

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Quantum Communication

This documentary film by Producer, David Sereda, Quantum Communication, attempts to teach us how communication really works from the Quantum level and how this is connected to the Universal Laws of Attraction. If you are a fan of such movies …

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I Can Do It! The Mind, Body, Soul Retreat in Tampa 2009

The I Can Do It! Conference gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy a forum where each speaker offers the opportunity for spiritual and body enlightenment. There are a variety of conference packages available for every budget including Full …

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Tips To Increase Your Peace Of Mind

peace of mind

Peace of mind is a goal that everyone wants to achieve but very few people know how to even get close to it. There are so many stresses in this world that it is hard to imagine living your life …

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What Are The Benefits Of Forgiveness?


Holding grudges are not only bad for your mind, but research is showing that it’s also bad for your health! More and more evidence is being gathered and shows that hanging on to long-term anger can actually cause a variety …

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How To Find Your True Purpose In Life


In this article I’m talking about the REAL reason why you’re here in this life. Surely there’s more to life than work, bills, and maybe a few hobbies. Of course, you have friends and loved ones and they offer a …

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Using The Law of Attraction Effectively

Some might say that using the Law of Attraction is like using the Law of Gravity. You do it effectively whether you want to or not!

But just as we might “use” the Law of Gravity by falling over a …

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Tips To Lead A More Relaxed Life


Relaxation isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. It’s the most significant investment you can make in your own wellbeing, and the benefits are almost too many to list. Regular, proper relaxation allows us to think more clearly, reduces stress, …

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More Highly Recommended Books

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Last month I finished reading the following books and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you why you should go out of your way to read them:

You: The Owner’s Manual
This is probably one of …

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A Year Of Living Biblically (video)

I highly recommend that you watch this video by A.J. Jacobs, a journalist from New York who tried to spend one full year of following every rule in the Bible. It’s quite interesting, regardless of your religion.

One of the …

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