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Brainwave Binaural Beats MP3 Downloads & CDs

Experience a higher level of improvement with brainwave entrainment!

Browse superior brainwave binaural beats MP3 downloads and CDs to help you feel better about yourself! Boost your mental power, find inner peace, or do something a little bit more abstract! There is something for everyone. All our brainwave MP3 downloads and CDs feature 35-50 minutes of soothing ambient music, combined with brainwave technology, such as binaural beats, and with a layered track of powerful subliminal suggestions (which you cannot hear out loud). Instant Download & Free Shipping!

How you can benefit from listening to brainwave binaural beats MP3 downloads & CDs:

metaphysical-abstract mental-power self-growth
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Why you can trust to purchase from

Our series of brainwave entrainment downloads and CDs are crafted with the best programs and equipment available. We use a variety of different methods to produce the highest level of brainwave entrainment possible. Such methods include:

- Isochronic Modulation (pulse)
- Auto-Pan Modulation
- CrossFeed Modulation
- Low Pass Filter Modulation
- Binaural Beats
- Monaural Beats

Each methods are powerful in their own right. By combining them according to the needed issue at hand, as well as per the sound and music used and its rate per second, it creates a successful environment for the user to use brainwave entrainment downloads and CDs to their fullest extent. Our brainwave entrainment MP3 downloads and CDs contain various frequencies, such as alpha, beta, delta, and theta. Each frequency is effective for achieving various states of mind, such as sleepiness and alertness. We combine frequencies appropriately so that each brainwave MP3 or CD is as efficient as possible.

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