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Breaking the Success Barrier
By Brian Tracy
6 CD's - $79.95

Breaking the Success Barrier

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Product Information

The world is moving ahead at breakneck speed. And with change comes great possibilities for financial and personal advancement. It's sad though because many people fear new ideas and the unknown, believing they will have to toil harder and learn more to keep up to date.

Today's most successful people well understand the value of becoming un pable. They keep on striving to master the strategic thinking skills that can get you on the road to unlimited success and lifelong satisfaction. By utilizing these easy-to-learn life principles, you will actually make your life less stressful, cut your work load down, and overwhelmingly increase your energy and stamina.

Breaking the Success Barrier will help you:

o Detect the success assets of today's top leaders
o Focus on your most important goals
o Advance your knowledge to excel in your field
o Assess your core talents
o Perfect your competitive edge
o Ramp up your financial fortress for long-term security that's guaranteed
o Make your character and resilience much stronger
o Succeed at every major life test with flying colors
o Solve the clearest solutions to life's toughest challenges
o Free the power of your creative force
o Pilot through the challenges and issues with courage and preciseness
o And much, much more!

Best-selling author and internationally renowned learning expert Brian Tracy has developed a new program titled Breaking the Success Barrier: Using Strategic Thinking Skills to Accelerate Your Goals. This program coaches you on how to identify your own special abilities, tap your invaluable mental resources, and free yourself from the imaginary metal shackles of fear, doubt, and negativity. Once you tear down the success barrier , you'll wonder why you never did it before.

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