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The Ten Bridges of Transformation
By Marianne Williamson
8 CD's - $89.95

The Ten Bridges of Transformation

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Product Information

In The Ten Bridges of Transformation, highly-recognized spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson looks to 10 universal human challenges that act as canyons, separating us from all the things we most wish for and need in life. When they rear their head - as they quite often do - we are rendered frozen by them, powerless and unable to move.

In response, Marianne offers 10 revolutionary new ways of meeting these inevitable challenges. These "bridges" will allow you to recognize the challenges and changes of life as incredible chances for growth and enlightenment. Each one will carry you immediately from a specific challenging instant - anxiety, living in the past and future, focusing on guilt, negative thinking, and many more - to its positive alternative.

The 10 bridges are an eternal compass that leads us along the path to spiritual wholeness. Anytime you are lost, bewildered, frustrated, doubtful, full of dread, even hopeless, you can use these 10 active principles to directly reorient yourself toward love, peace, and fulfillment.

The Ten Bridges of Transformation includes several live sessions, recorded at Marianne's famous workshops. These segments will infuse and stimulate you with the incredible energy and enthusiasm of Marianne's live events. As anyone who has heard or seen Marianne Williamson live can tell you, she's one of a kind.

Without question, Marianne Williamson is one of the most deep, insightful, globally important spiritual teachers of our age. People who hear Marianne are invariably shocked by her incredible energy, but most of all by the sheer illusion-shattering truth of what she says.

The Ten Bridges of Transformation is absolutely crucial listening for every Marianne Williamson fan, and anyone who wants to learn how to transform life's changes, challenges, and hardships into miraculous chances for growth.

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