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How to Build a Network of Power Relationships
By Harvey Mackay
11 MP3 sessions - $69.95

How to Build a Network of Power Relationships

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Product Information

In How to Build a Network of Power Relationships, world-renowned author Harvey Mackay reveals that success in business and in life is encircled in the interpersonal relationships we make.

"The most important word in the dictionary is people," Mackay tells us. "If I had to name the single characteristic shared by all truly successful individuals, I'd say it's the ability to create and nurture a network of contacts." While Harvey can't guarantee you a whole new personality, he can mentor you in his time-tested tips and techniques for strengthening long-lasting power relationships.

To succeed in business, or any arena, you must be a catalyst in order to initiate change. You have to think big, think bold, think creatively, and think in measured jumps. The key to "seeing around corners" is to see all, hear all, believe all, and depend on all of the people who can help you the most-the people who are part of your personal network.

In How to Build a Network of Power Relationships, Harvey Mackay will show you:

o What's so special about caring
o How to "see around corners" with eight documented networking models that put you ahead of the curve
o That little things aren't the of the world; they are critical in improving people skills
o How to crush barriers to networking in just thirty days
o Five ways to dodge one of the greatest human fears: rejection
o How to become your own salesperson by including the "wow" in communication
o Ten can't-miss tips for succeeding in the job market

Remember, we all start out in life with one thing in mind: we all have the same amount of time...what matters is what we do with it. The soundest way we can spend our valued time is on our relationships.

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