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How to Build Wealth Like Warren Buffett
By Robert P. Miles
6 CD`s + 1 DVD - $99.95

How to Build Wealth Like Warren Buffett

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Product Information

You may be amazed at just how simple and practical Warren's principles and approaches are! At a time when "get rich quick" money-making schemes are increasing, it is inspirational and refreshing to gain the perceptions of a man who received his wealth with good old-fashioned, time-proven investment strategies.

By listening to How to Build Wealth Like Warren Buffett: Principles and Practical Methods Used by the World's Greatest Investor, you will discover:

* How Warren Buffett developed his empire and how you can use his investment principles and strategies to build yours.
* How to decide what kind of investor you are and the kind of investor you'd like to be.
* How to pick investments that are steady and have long-term track records.
* Who Warren Buffett's coaches are and how you can use their lessons for your life.
* How you can gain from becoming an investment owner rather than a trader.
* The wealth-building strategies of Warren Buffett and his successor, Lou Simpson.
* How conventional investment diversification may not be a plan that works in your best interest.
* How to step away from following the masses and find your own exclusive style.
* Why you should look towards investing your money on Main Street rather than Wall Street.
* Examples of Warren Buffett's flawless character and how building your own personal character will eventually affect all of your business and financial ventures.
* How critical it is to purchase a business with effective management and maintain it as such.
* And much, much more!

So sit back, listen, learn, and laugh as you join Robert Miles in this friendly and heartwarming portrait of the man who has single-handedly built one of the most money-spinning financial empires the world has ever known.

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