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A natural method to help maintain control over your life

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Do you feel overwhelmed by the events of your life? Do you find it difficult to maintain control? Life can get out of hand at times and we need to reset everything and regain a stronghold over our existence. This brainwave MP3 download and CD can help you naturally to control the chaos in your life.

Maintaining control of your life is necessary in order to enjoy living and making the most out of it. As well, in order to be productive and achieve all that you want, it is mandatory to minimize the level of chaos in your life and maximize your control.

This session uses Alpha stimulation to help relax and alleviate anxiety as well as stress issues. In some cases, severe anxiety is also helped by Beta sessions, so the session also stimulates low beta at the end. This session also uses a technique called Dissociation which is particularly useful for people who are restless and have trouble relaxing. You can control chaos in your life naturally with this brainwave MP3 download and CD.

Use this session in a quiet, comfortable place, free of distraction, in a chair or lying down. After starting the session, close your eyes and relax. Headphones are not required but can be beneficial. During the session you should remain as calm and relaxed as possible.

Subliminal suggestions (not audible out loud) embedded within this course:

1- I am in control of my destiny
2- Things are in order in my life
3- I enjoy being organized
4- I feel empowered by being in control of my life
5- I easily remove chaos from my life
6- I am feeling relaxed and in charge of my emotions
7- Everything in my mind feels in order
8- I enjoy being in harmony with all aspects of my life
9- A sense of calm and peace encompasses my being
10- My entire existence is in order and under my control

Course length: Approx. 45 minutes
Download size: 58 MB

Recommendations: Listen to the course daily, and you can start seeing a significant difference within a matter of days! Do not use this course while driving.

Combined Brainwave Therapy™
Our series of brainwave entrainment courses are crafted with the best programs and equipment available. We use a variety of different methods to produce the highest level of brainwave entrainment possible. Such methods include:

- Isochronic Modulation (pulse)
- Auto-Pan Modulation
- CrossFeed Modulation
- Low Pass Filter Modulation
- Binaural Beats
- Monaural Beats

Listen to a sample preview:

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We have provided 100,000's of people all over the world with the highest quality in self improvement for over 10 years. You can simply listen to the preview above and judge for yourself! As well, see what other clients have to say about our products by reading our testimonials page.

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