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The 10 Qualities of Charismatic People
By Tony Alessandra, Ph.D.
6 CD`s - $89.95

The 10 Qualities of Charismatic People

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Product Information

What's the best secret regarding how successful a person becomes? What do they have that most people don't? It's called …charisma - without a doubt one of the most enviable qualities in the world.

By developing charisma:

* You are respected more
* People seem to worship you without any effort on your part!
* You radiate huge amounts of self-confidence and self-esteem!
* You seem tremendously powerful without being threatening.
* You make people feel comfortable and make them feel they are understood!
* And you're able to easily get what you want.

Now you can be the individual everyone wants to mimic!

Relationship expert Dr. Tony Alessandra wanted to lay bare charisma and reduce this asset to its basics. Tony spent a lot of years doing research into the lives, behaviors, and characteristics of charismatic people that came from all walks of life.

Turn your assets into powerful personality "attractors."

Tony's research exposed 10 Universal Keys to Charisma - 10 specific traits that are present in each one of us, but are all highly refined in truly charismatic people. The secret to becoming an exceptional charismatic person is pinpointing these 10 qualities within yourself and learning how to build up each one as fully as possible.

Delve into the depths of what charisma is and what it can do for you. Develop the single most advantageous skill in the world. This is important - DO NOT WAIT!

You already have the probability to be more charismatic. Once you cut loose the tape, you'll have an extraordinary advantage in life. Capitalize on the power of "charisma" for yourself.

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