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Close the Deal
By Sandler Sales Institute
7 CD's - $89.95

Close the Deal

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Product Information

Close the Deal presents you with a radical, yet remarkably simple, 7-Step System for getting back control, getting help of pressure, and ultimately closing more sales and bringing in more profit than you ever will by using those tired old-school techniques.

The Sandler 7-Step System has been developed on the fundamental principle that the most successful marketing experience is one that is completely void of pressure - both for the prospect and for you.

If you're feeling mistreated or pressured by your prospect, you're doing something incorrect. You should never have to give up your self-respect or fake enthusiasm about your product in order to make a sale. Likewise, your prospect should never feel influenced by you. In fact, the buyers should be the ones to close the sale. Your function should be to help them help themselves.

Everyone out on the front lines of selling understands that the basic techniques that salespeople have depended on for decades just don't work anymore. They're worn-out, dated, and increasingly beside the point in today's radically changing marketplace.

Worst of all, these methods put control of a sales call precisely where you don't want it - into your prospect's hands. I guarantee that any prospect worth closing can pick out these worn-out tactics a mile away and will be on the defensive before your presentation even starts.

In Close the Deal, you'll uncover proven sales techniques that will help you attain this ideal and far more profitable level of selling.

The Sandler Selling System has been called "The best-kept sales secret in America," because for years, individuals could only get it through the Institute itself and its franchisees nationwide. Now, at last, these brand new techniques are directly available to you.

If you want to attain a substantial edge over your competitors, make more money selling than you're making right now, and feel super about what you do for a living, this program is just for you.

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