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Coaching from the Heart
By Ken Blanchard and Don Shula
5 CD's - $59.95

Coaching from the Heart

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Product Information

Encourage the people in your life to succeed - every day!

We've been told all our lives that whether you win or lose isn't important; it's how you play the game that matters. This is true in sports, business, or any other undertaking. But how you "play the game" has a lot to do with its results. And a good coach - one who places respect and conviction above popularity, who is steadfast yet open to the players' individual motives - can pep up their team to greatness, whether it is a football team, a work group, a committee or a family.

In this innovative program, management expert Ken Blanchard and winning NFL coach Don Shula join forces share their powerful secrets of efficient coaching in daily situations. You'll learn:

* The five outstanding leadership principles of the COACH acronym
* How to free the excellence in anyone
* The importance of vision, conviction, credibility and adaptability in the leaders of today
* Why and how to 'walk your talk'
* And much more . . .

The accomplishments of a great coach can be just as good in the boardroom or living room as on the playing field. Instead of telling people what to do, you can help encourage them to work together cooperatively: following a powerful vision, digging deep into their hidden talents, and surging on to greatness and success.

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