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Communication Mastery
By Tony Jeary
8 CD's - $99.95

Communication Mastery

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Product Information

Have you heard the saying "Who you are speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you're saying?" Yet it is actually true that how people see things is controlled by many, many small actions that you take every day. How quickly you reply to emails and phone calls, how you dress, how you speak and listen, the quality of your work, the people you have around you, and even the look of your business card - all announce to others who you actually are.

In short, every action you do, no matter how little or seemingly of little consequence, is a form of communication.

The way to becoming successful, and in particular, to communicating the inwardness of who you are to others, is to make sure your activities deliver a consistent and driving message. A message you have decided on ahead of time will help you to attain your highest goals and objectives. A Perfect Message.

In this compelling audio experience, Mr. Presentation™ - Tony Jeary - will give you his "insider information" on how to develop your Perfect Message and how to drive home that Perfect Message with every action you take.

With Communication Mastery, that same insider data is yours. Tony will coach you personally, giving you the basics of his system, including:

* The 8 essentials of the Perfect Message

* The power of the "So What" Factor

* The personality types you need to be able to see and handle

* The one word that will convince 93% of your listeners every time

* And much, much more!

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