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Confident Decision Making
By Roger Dawson
6 CD's - $79.95

Confident Decision Making

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Product Information

Learn how to spot the potential Edsels in your life ... and how to avoid them. Some of the best minds in Detroit had gotten together on the new car. The marketing staff and design team had pinpointed the proper niche and initiated leading features carefully chosen cause a stir. And the new car was to be proudly named after the founder's late son - a long - time company executive.

The car was announced with a lot of advertising, and sales promptly went ... nowhere. The market niche was a little smaller than it first appeared. The design became the center of jokes. And the very name "Edsel" became known as a synonym for an expensive, funny - looking failure.

You can't be in business without making decisions. While the results of your decisions may not be as world-shaking as those that led to the creation of the Edsel, learning to make good decisions well and with confidence - can save you and your company time, money, public humiliation, and more.

In Confident Decision Making, Roger Dawson uses a series of penetrating exercises to help you define how you will make decisions. He is explicit in explaining that you must (and can) improve your career by working on your decision-making skills.

Help decision-making barriers. Do you know the five barriers that hinder most of us from making solid decisions that our jobs require of us? In Confident Decision Making, Roger Dawson identifies them. But more importantly, he also teaches us how each of these roadblocks is actually a mirror image of what makes someone be a good decision maker.

To keep your future from driving off with the next shiny Edsel to present itself during your personal career path, you must learn the lessons of Confident Decision Making today.

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