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The Confident Millionaire
By Kelvin Boston
6 CD's + DVD - $119.95

The Confident Millionaire

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Product Information

Don't be afraid to be a millionaire!

Afraid ... to be a millionaire? It might sound insane, but the fact is, for most people, concern and anxiousness are really the only two factors standing in the way of their attaining wealth and financial freedom. Yet, if you can name and learn to control these fears and learn how to play the wealth-building game with assuredness, you will win it.

In this highly original program, Kelvin Boston - former financial consultant and host of the acclaimed PBS program Moneywise - acts as your personal mentor, showing you how to overthrow your financial fears and become master of the key strategies of long-term wealth building so that you can easily build a lifetime of secure, ever-growing wealth for yourself and your family.

Confident Millionaire will help you overpower the fears that have been holding you back from financial success by girding you with insight, simple and effective wealth-building plans, and the emotional daring to take the big steps that are warranted to lead you to your dreams. Once you control your fear, you'll find all the proven wealth-building advice you need to attain success, including:

* The seven substantiated steps to complete financial success.

* Secrets to effectively handle your credit so that it is working for you at all times.

* How to increase wealth through home ownership.

* Profitable long-term investment strategies.

* The mysteries to building wealth through human capital.

* And much, much more!

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