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helping Procrastination
By Neil Fiore, Ph.D.
6 CD's - $79.95

Conquering Procrastination

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Product Information

Every minute, the clock ticks on, you'll hear the sound of time escaping, productivity diminishing, and your peak performance lessening. It's the sound of your most difficult problem: procrastination.

There are many ideas about procrastination, perhaps the greatest of which is seeing it as some sort of disease, an incurable illness. Nothing, in fact, could be more distant from the truth. Procrastination is common to everyone. And no one has to suffer with it . Procrastination is a natural, manageable reaction to predictable entities.

helping Procrastination: How to Stalling and Start Achieving has the solutions to helping procrastination and making time a positive force in your life.

Dr. Neil Fiore help s you recognize the three fears most commonly at procrastination's core-fear of being controlled, fear of being judged, fear of missing out on the good things in life. In his strategic program for helping procrastination, Dr. Fiore instructs you not to fear failure. Instead, he provides valuable lessons on how to cope with stress and acquire the self-discipline to manage excuses, perfectionism, and comfort zones.

You'll learn how to:

o Use self-talk to deal with counterproductive internal messages
o Use worry to your advantage
o Arrange guilt-free play as a motivator
o Make realistic goals so that you can meet vital deadlines
o Utilize the flow state to become more focused, energized and concentrated
o Don't let setbacks slow you down
o Use the four C's-Choice, Creating safety, Commitment, and Centering - to win over procrastination
o Adopt three-dimensional thinking to create a step-by-step calendar of your road to achievement

Don't let the clock's ticking unnerve you! With the proven techniques revealed in helping Procrastination: How to Stalling and Start Achieving, you'll do away with the causes and effects of procrastination. Take control over time and procrastination now!

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