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Putting Your Creative Genius to Work
By Michael J. Gelb
6 CD's - $59.95

Putting Your Creative Genius to Work

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Product Information

Set Free Your Inner Genius!

Your brain was developed by millions of years of evolution to be the most deeply powerful creative thinking mechanism in known creation. But although science has indeed discovered that the potential power of the brain is virtually limitless, most people still don't realize their entire potential.

In Putting Your Creative Genius to Work, expert Michael Gelb will lend a help ing hand in help ing you discover your untapped intelligence and set it to work for you as never before. You'll flourish in a constantly changing world by reaching new heights of creativity, memory, and problem solving. Much more important to you is how you'll learn to apply your ideas practically in your own life.

Listen to Michael and you'll learn to:

* Assume the powerful skill of "synvergent thinking"
* Equalize the right and left hemispheres of your brain for unified whole-brain thinking
* Easily incorporate profound understanding and rapid recall
* Practice exercises that will stretch and improve your creative visualization
* Learn how to think like the creative genius Leonardo da Vinci
* Realize the ultimate secret of success
* And more!

Michael Gelb's methods were initiated during years of experience with thousands of people in a wide arena of environments. You can utilize his methods instantly to kick-start your creative brain power, improving the quality of your life at home and at work.

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