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The Credit Solution
By John Cummuta and Tony Manganiello
4 CD's - $69.95

The Credit Solution

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Product Information

Welcome to The Credit Solution, where you'll be able to grab the answers to countless questions about consumer credit. Credit is tangled in the web of personal and financial parts of life, and yet most people have little understanding of how credit is put before them to grab their attention and how to defend themselves against the WRONG credit. John Cummuta and Tony Manganiello will gird you with all the maneuvers and strategies you need to build up your credit score in a positive direction. You're going to make only so much money in your lifetime, and The Credit Solution will alert you to what you can learn and do about consumer credit so you keep most of that money!

* The Credit Solution will show you: A better understanding of the FICO credit score and how your own credit score might be placing you at a disadvantage.

* How to receive a FREE copy of your credit report.

* The five principal factors guaranteed to impact your credit score.

* The quickest and simplest ways to alter inaccurate information on your credit report.

* How to guard yourself from the credit products that will ensnare you into debt.

* How a personal cash flow analysis can be your most valuable weapon in avoiding future credit crises.

* How a better credit score will accelerate debt payoff.

* Exactly what true financial independence is and how to establish a solid financial future!

With The Credit Solution: How to Transform Your Credit Score and Build Real Wealth, you'll obtain the critical information that the credit companies want to keep you from finding out, so you can reach your financial goals even faster!

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