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Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living
By John Cummuta
Workbook - $39.95

Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living

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Product Information

Debt-Free & Prosperous Living was begun by a man named John Cummuta. Years ago, John Commuta found himself overwhelmed in debt. He was overpowered and scared, so he created a system to get himself out of debt and in total control of his life .

Following his own system, John got completely debt-free in just a few years using little less than the money he was making at his job. Today, John Cummuta is a debt-free millionaire. And thousands of other people have utilized his system to achieve the same super result: total freedom from debt and a clear path to early, wealthy retirement and real financial freedom. People like Dan and Sally Aldrich …

"My wife and I put the course into action last November. We recently paid off all of our credit cards and paid off the car last week, almost 2 years ahead of schedule! Our next loan of $5,000 is estimated to be paid off in about 4 months
and our mortgage by March! We will be totally debt-free in less than one year!

There are times that I have difficulty sleeping at night because of the options that will be opened for us while being debt-free. Your course is priceless. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
Dan and Sally Aldrich
Cartersville, GA

John's information is powerful and uncomplicated, and now it is easier than ever to get the information that has been applied successfully by more than half a million people.

John's program is one of the most matter-of-fact, help ful, and educational programs Nightingale-Conant has ever published. This is not a plot to consolidate your debt; it's a system that eliminates it!

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