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Living Your Divine Contract
By Kevin J. Todeschi
6 CD's - $79.95

Living Your Divine Contract

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Product Information

In Edgar Cayce's Living Your Divine Contract: How to Study the Akashic Records and Discover Your Heart's Purpose, author, lecturer and globally-recognized Cayce scholar Kevin Todeschi gives you the secrets to getting at the sacred library of information …

* Revisit your recollected past experiences that you can't recall - even those that took place in previous lifetimes.

* Find out the captivating reasons behind your likes and dislikes, gifts and skills, even why you've selected certain people as your friends and romantic partners.

* See precisely what your life is going to be like, in detail, seven years from now.

* Avert any painful, unpleasant future experiences you may uncover you're headed toward.

* Interpret your dreams' symbols and details with ease and correctness so that you can know and use the astonishing prophetic data your dreams always contain.

* And much more!

The Akashic Records were the quality source of information for the most documented, exact psychic ever known. Living Your Divine Contract will sanction you to learn what insights, visions and unsuspected truths the Records hold for you!

Kevin J. Todeschi, an international spokesperson for the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., which Edgar Cayce founded in 1931, has been a student and teacher of Edgar Cayce information for nearly 30 years. He is a renowned speaker and a prolific writer of more than 20 subjects correlated to Cayce's life and work, and is also a nationally familiar expert on dream interpretation. He and his family make their home in Virginia.

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