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Dream Job
By Dan Miller
6 CD's - $89.95

Dream Job

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Product Information

In Dream Job… 48 Days to the Work You Love, widely recognized vocational coach, author, and radio host Dan Miller provides you a complete, bit-by-bit system for clarifying, locating, securing, and maintaining a work life that allows you to gain everything you've ever wanted: true fulfillment and an income that will more than support your desired lifestyle you want.

Whether you're looking for help on how to begin a new career or business … want to step-up your sense of contribution and fulfillment at your present job … or want to earn a six-figure income doing what you've always wanted to do, this system will work for you.

You'll discover:

* How to tell if you're in the wrong job
* What the most treacherous thing you can do is in today's work climate
* Why you can worrying that age is a roadblock to finding or forming a new
career path
* Where to find the possibilities for meaningful work that are perfect for YOU
* The best job areas to look at now, and which ones you should bypass

* The one way to protect yourself from corporate politics and downsizing
* But wait! There's much more.
* Resumé and interviewing secrets they keep hush about that will propel you into the path landing a job!
* Substantiated methods for getting out of the work you're in currently, and onto the career path you've been dreaming about - even if that dream has a six-figure income in it!

No matter where you're at on the highway to your "dream work," and whatever that work looks like, Dream Job will serve you the keys of inspiration, motivation, and how-to information you must have to move quickly and confidently towards your dreams, and see for yourself the unexpected success that is right around the corner for you!

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