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Embracing Chaos
By Tom Peters
6 CD's - $59.95

Embracing Chaos

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Product Information

Tom Peters, famed management consultant declares that our world is reinventing itself rapidly. You need to reinvent yourself to keep up. A massive amount of money is being earned by innovative entrepreneurs who rise above their competitors. Their vision, networking abilities, initiative, dreams and new ideas help get them where they need to be.

In Embracing Chaos, Tom Peters is at his best. Precise and entertaining, the success stories he describes provide a treasure chest of new ideas, and a guideline for how to face and endure the challenges of chaos and advice on how to enhance your success, such as:

" Act as if you were fired long before the possibility ever arises.
" Develop strong project teams at work that function like their own small business.
" Invent your own future.
" Think 'resume' in everything that you do
" Forget your actual job description and do what's most important right now.
" Handle the age of perpetual homework
" Carry more value at the of each than you did in the beginning.

When you keep your nose to the grindstone all you'll get is a bloody nose. Only the people who embrace chaos by keeping their heads up and have their eyes and ears open for new opportunities are going to be able to survive in the "new economy." This program is your opportunity to get realistic advice on being successful from America's top ranked business consultant. In this informative program, Tom Peters dares you to be different while succeeding as you become more skilled in your craft.

If you are a self-sufficient, natural born leader who enjoys learning new and imaginative things, then you can swim, not sink to the top of this whirling vortex that we must live in.

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