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Empires Of The Mind
By Denis Waitley
6 CD's - $79.95

Empires Of The Mind

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Product Information

Because the information revolution is occurring now...because it is vital that you become an inventive self-leader to keep your relevance in the workplace...because you need specific resources and methods for maximizing your personal potential...because change is the one constant in our technology-driven world...because most premises you can make about the future are soon outdated...

Denis Waitley has created this revolutionary new program, Empires of the Mind. It goes without saying that this program is vital to your life today, both professional and personal, and analyzes your prospects for the future. You'll study how to uncover and manipulate your core passion-digging up the skills you were born to develop and utilizing them to increase your personal motivation, success and achievement.

Take heed as one of the few true self-development legends explains how to "fireproof" your career today and now in this fickle business climate while strengthening the qualities of personal honesty and sincerity required to lead others and have a satisfying life.

You'll learn an action plan to develop your capabilities and confidence, such as:

* Ten ways to build up personal responsibility.
* Seven ways to enhance self-esteem.
* Ten action steps for discovering and achieving your mission in life.
* Seven essentials for building a successful team
* Five strategies for disciplining new habits.
* Twelve pointers on building healthy personal relationships.

Your most valuable asset is thankfully the one endless in its capabilities to improve: your mind. Apply it to challenge old assumptions, to cut off with tradition and become a sponge for every new idea you can find. Now's your chance to listen to Empires of the Mind, Denis Waitley's roadmap for the new millennium and a step-by-step program for inventiveness and integrity on the new, more balanced playing arenas of the modern workplace.

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