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By Peter S. Cohan
7 CD's - $99.95


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Product Information

Business is booming for many online businesses. Its success has many people wondering if it's real and if it is what are the pros and cons? People want to know how they can ride out the volatility of online business while establishing themselves as a leader in their industry. How do you know which companies to invest in when there are so many companies to choose from in the E-Commerce sector?

E-Profits explain the twelve steps of creating an advanced quality E-Commerce strategy for any business, large or small. Business-tech Guru Peter S. Cohen states that the internet may seem different from other industries, but there is not much difference. The rules and guidelines may differ slightly, but business is business and as long as you follow the correct pathway, you will emerge the leader of the pack. Peter teaches you all of the ins and outs of E-Commerce. He also gives you all of the research and analysis that he has learned through trial and error. Peter pulls from real examples of successful companies and teaches you how to implement those tactics to make your business head of the class. Investors will get valuable information on how to identify potential investments. You'll learn all of the secrets of Web Investing as well as tips for venture capitalists. Peter will teach you all about the Pyramid of Web Business Models so that you can evaluate where you are as a business. You'll also learn how to develop the appropriate strategies to assess the costs and benefits of E-Commerce. This program will only be effective if you want to learn how to generate high returns while remaining one step ahead of the competition. E-Profits is your ticket to achieving real results that will last!

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