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The Principles of Everyday Grace
By Marianne Williamson
6 CD's - $79.95

The Principles of Everyday Grace

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Product Information

Hope, Finding Forgiveness, and Making Miracles. We have all gone through moments of deep spiritual connection and truth, but what occurs when that erratic driver swerves his car only inches in front of your car and misses your front bumper by a smidgen, cutting you off as you speed along the highway? All of a sudden you find that the love and spirituality that you had been experiencing gets crushed hard and fast, like the brake pedal that groaned beneath the weight of your stressed right foot. Along with your vehicle, your serenity has also instantly to an abrupt halt.

As this world appears to be speeding up and surrounding itself around fear-based thoughts, you discover you're struggling to make difficult choices. How do you find moments of grace during these personally frustrating times? The answer, according to famed author Marianne Williamson, lies in asking for grace as you decide to focus on the opportunities that dwell within these experiences.

In this outstanding program, Marianne:

* Shares her perceptions on the spiritual journey of the modern day mystic. By interweaving magical texts, such as Cinderella and the Harry Potter trilogy into her teachings, Marianne puts before you the five mystical wands that you can use to change every aspect of your life.
* Elaborates on how exercising ritual, observing the Sabbath, and honoring holidays are all vital to returning to the deeply spiritual presence that lives within the core of each of us.
* Stimulates deeper spiritual presence through powerful prayer and practical exercises that will help you in incorporating greater spiritual links into your daily life.
* Identifies relationships as "laboratories for the Holy Spirit." She shares a powerful meditation in which you can cope with the souls of individuals with whom you may be contending and feel extraordinary healing from a place "beyond" personality conflicts.

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