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How to Make Your First Million System
By David Bach and Bill Staton
15 CD`s + 1 DVD - $299.95

How to Make Your First Million System

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Product Information

This is a two-part course:

In The Automatic Millionaire, you'll learn how to quickly and easily automate every particular aspect of your financial plan, step by step. Once you complete that, you can finally thinking and worrying about your money - start living - and up at the finish line rich! The Automatic Millionaire takes a refreshingly naturalistic approach to the process of building personal wealth, by giving you an easy-to-establish system that is completely resistant to the usual downfalls, like temptation, inertia, and lack of willpower. Each step in The Automatic Millionaire system takes just a few minutes to set up.

In The Seven Secrets to Becoming a Multimillionaire you can double your money in five years or less, regardless what the market is doing. How would you like to eliminate a substantial part of the risk out of your investing, so you can relax while your portfolio multiplies? How would you like to systematically outperform the experts and possibly become a millionaire from your investing, in less time than you ever dreamt possible? The beauty of the strategies hidden in this program is that they are not founded on speculation. You're not trying to time the market. You're not trying to foresee the next big hit or the next big disaster. Instead, you invest for the long-term. That's what the wealthiest investors do. And that's what Bill Staton is going to coach you in. You get the most comprehensive guide to safe, effective wealth building ever created. And, unlike other investment products you may have seen, you'll be endowed to make your own decisions and choices. And with the guidance of Bill Staton, those decisions can be advantageous and fun. Not only now, but also for the long-term.

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