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The FlexBrain Method
By Nightingale Learning Systems
6 CD's - $89.95

The FlexBrain Method

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Product Information

Each session of The FlexBrain Method gives you a wealth of information on how your mind works. Exercise your brain with built-in exercises to keep your brain energized and engrossed at a deep level and with quick "neurobic workouts" which have been developed to stimulate specific brain functions in a short period of time.

Learn how to make your memory sharper, increase your mental nimbleness and more. All you have to do is make some easy but powerful changes to the way you perform normal, everyday things, such as brush your teeth, set your alarm clock, start your car, write your to-do list, and even sit in a restaurant. But wait! Look at what else is contained in the 12 sessions of The FlexBrain Method. See:

* If your diet is condemning you to brain deterioration later on in life
* The single good and bad things you can do for your brain
* An easy way to lessen your risk of dying from heart disease by 40%
* How to get to WHO you think about
* 5 supplements shown to increase neural connections in the brain
* The answer to building muscle strength without ever moving a muscle
* A do-anywhere exercise that behaves as a natural tranquilizer
* Why you don't ever have to have stress again
* Foods that are shown to gain your ability to concentrate and concentrate even more
* And so much more!

Did I mention that now is the time to take control of your mental fitness and keep it , with this novel system that will increase your memory, make you more intelligent and sharper, and better your performance in every area of your life - for the rest of your life!

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