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The Focused Mind State
By Dr. Joel & Michelle Levey
6 CD's - $79.95

The Focused Mind State

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Product Information

The Focused Mind State: Maximizing Your Potential through the Power of Concentration tool source to achieving a state of perfect concentration, and getting into an ultimate performance state whenever you need it.

With a ample sprinkling of proven effective methods, authors Joel and Michelle Levey coach you on how to achieve a higher degree of self-assurance and to accomplish freedom from anxiety and fear. They incorporate the best of modern scientific research with the traditional wisdom that's been maintained and practiced by numerous cultures for thousands of years.

Learn to live your life "on purpose" and to harness the energy of your sometimes inattentive mind. Wake up to a deeper sense of wonder, joy and delight that can be incorporated into everything you do. Improve the critical quality of your life, your work and your relationships.

Let the Leveys teach you to:

o Escape from mental boredom.
o Develop the Power of Mindfulness while keeping a clear recognition of what you are paying attention to now
o Refresh your dedication to your goals and priorities
o Control the outer demands of your environment and the inner stages of high stress and emotion
o Gain a greater flexibility of attention that permits you to handle bigger and more challenging issues.

A distinctly focused mind state is not hard to attain, along with the many personal and professional pay backs that it brings. Joel and Michelle Levey take you by the hand into inner peace and external excellence that you must not be afraid to reach for.

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