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Forgive and Be Free to Create Your Ideal Life
By Michael Wickett
6 CD's - $79.95

Forgive and Be Free to Create Your Ideal Life

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Product Information

Are you ready to be introduced to a program that will change your whole life - a program that will assist you in beginning the life of your dreams? Michael Wickett has been a professional speaker and seminar leader for 22 years. He has been taping success strategies and prosperity teachings since 1982. For Michael, this is the most stimulating program that he has ever worked with. It is a result of twelve years' of his most emotional efforts. The personification of this program contains the great secret to peace and personal power. It is simply the rule of forgiveness.

In this program, you're going to hear stories - powerfully moving stories - about people that had the bravery to forgive -- people who had the bravery to let go of the intense anger that had lived within them for years and years and years. You will hear of people who had the bravery to pardon somebody who did the most hurtful thing that had ever happened in their whole life.

That's why this program was developed - to provide you with moral support in your continuous journey to peace and inner-happiness. You receive guidance for creating the life of your dreams. It is your right to be happy, to have a wonderful, happy, fulfilling life. If you don't gain that experience, something inside of you is preventing it. Here, you'll be supplied with the six most powerful tools to lead you on the highway to total forgiveness.

Just some of the benefits of Forgive and Be Free to Create are:

* You will develop your self-esteem.

* You will experience much more happiness than you ever have before.

* You'll feel more content.

* You'll be able to concentrate more clearly.

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