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The Fountain of Wealth
By Paul Zane Pilzer
6 CD's - $89.95

The Fountain of Wealth

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Product Information

Listen and learn as Paul unveils the huge opportunities that exist for everyone in our capitalistic economy and coaches you in how to create wealth with those opportunities through a special strategy he calls "economic alchemy." Far from a polyanna approach, the Six Laws of Economic Alchemy will paint you the "big picture" of how our economy truly operates and give you empowerment to create a better life for yourself, your family and your customers. These laws will show how our economy is like an eternal "Fountain" of wealth, ever-increasing the quality of choices available in every arena of life. Using this process as a basis, Paul then shows how these laws can be utilized in several areas of your individual life. You'll learn:

* How to "quit, before you're fired" and other new help ful hints for career success.
* How to "weave" work and family and put out of your mind "balance."
* Why the merits of "entrepreneurs" and "employees" have been blurred.
* The "fifty percent rule" for making up one's mind on whether to leave your current employer.
* The novel financial strategies for the new economy; including mutual funds, real estate, tax-deferred vehicles, and intellectual property.
* Why the conception of "retirement" was an anomaly, and not even attractive.
* How to stake your claim in the next trillion-dollar market.
* How to get in on the benefits from the wealth of choices on the internet.
* Why in the new economy, in direct opposition to popular wisdom, community and relationships have never been better.
* How to search and achieve wealth that money can't buy.

Finally, in one place, you have an OPERATING MANUAL FOR SUCCESS IN THE 21ST CENTURY. The Fountain of Wealth will completely overturn the way you see life-as a businessperson, as a consumer, as a parent, and as a spiritual being.

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