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Harnessing Your Life Force
By Barbara Mahaffey, M.A.
6 CD's - $79.95

Harnessing Your Life Force

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Product Information

Underneath all of the stress, frustrations, fears, and worries that you handle each day, there is an easier, less stressful way to live. In fact, it is the way you are meant to live - the way your body, mind, and soul have been created and meant to function.

In Harnessing Your Life Force: Using Radiant Energy to Align Your Mind-Body with Your Divine Self, spiritual teacher and healer Barbara Mahaffey guides you in how to get into agreement with your Soul, so that you can start to automatically live the life of ease, joy, and wealth you've been structured for.

The methods you'll discover in this program are made from a wide range of spiritual traditions and belief systems. Simple, powerful, and unusually effective, they will aid you to:

* Be able to understand and draw on your body's amazing untapped energy sources.
* Eliminate the four main ego beliefs that are at the center of all problems and dysfunctions.
* Dismiss stress from your body, using simple ways with immediate results.
* Replace old "imprints" that are negatively affecting your life today.
* Make all the relationships in your life easy and good again.
* Produce healthy boundaries and master the prowess of saying no.
* And so much more!

When you discover how to live each moment in harmony with your Soul, you'll be amazed by the modifications you experience and the empowerment you feel. People and problems that once disturbed you will no longer bear upon your peace of mind. Stay sane, serene, and centered even in the most challenging situations. The stress and fear you have today will be substituted with happiness, confidence, and deep knowing that will help you to get through life joyfully.

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