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The Heart of Truth
By Neale Donald Walsch
16 MP3 Sessions - $89.95

The Heart of Truth

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Product Information

Neale Donald Walsch's The Heart of Truth is your ritual of passage-back to your Self. The plan help s you look into subjects that have stumped the human mind for centuries-including money, love, sex, God...and more.

As you stimulate The Heart of Truth in your life, you'll lay bare layers in yourself you didn't know existed. By "getting clear" on what's really occurring inside of you, you'll be getting into those deep places that are secretly running the show and making new realities that are more closely aligned with the truth of your Spirit.

In The Heart of Truth, you'll also uncover:
o Five levels of truth-telling and how they affect your life
o The problem with promises and the power of purpose
o How to make love less confounding
o Why your success does not rely on what you do
o The one secret that will give your entire life experience
o What you can do to bring clearness into your relationships
o How the universe is like a giant copier
o Seven statements that can deeply change your life
o And much more…

As you go through The Heart of Truth, you'll notice how your prayers and dreams germinate-and how they are answered-as the universe begins interweaving your emerging truth into the fabric of your life. Now is the time to take your authority and create a life that fully conveys the truth of your heart and spirit.

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