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The Higher Self
By Dr. Deepak Chopra
7 CD's - $79.95

The Higher Self

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Product Information

Dr. Chopra merges modern science with spirituality to show how verifiable scientific proof closely supports ancient metaphysical traditions. And how using this knowledge can impact all areas of your life.

By surpassing to your personal core, the higher self, you learn your true nature-a happy self of infinite worth.

The spiritual needs we all have for love, compassion, meaningfulness, total acceptance, devotion and inner peace are not lofty goals to be attained in a distant time and place. They exist here and now and wield powerful influences on our lives. Only by going past to the higher self can you achieve total, spontaneous satisfaction of these needs.

In The Higher Self, Dr. Chopra teaches you how to:
o help yourself of fear and other obstacles to spiritual growth
o return to the stream of life through willingness and trust
o apply more fully the true solver of problems-intuition
o unravel pain from suffering
o free your emotional body
o experience infinite value
o learn to heal as a conscious action
o build a relationship with your personal and cosmic mind
o untie the circular trap of addictions and find new pleasures that exceed them
o learn how to experience a quiet mind that can experience the truth of this new reality
o attain instant right action

Are you an dynamic and positive force-one who produces reality? You'll come to recognize that at the level of the higher self-you are a force with the ability to renew your life at every moment.

By learning to equilibrate the material, psychological and spiritual levels of your being, you'll learn to feel the higher self. You'll become a peaceful, unified, proportionate, whole person.

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