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How to Retire Rich
By Jordan Goodman
8 CD`s - $89.95

How to Retire Rich

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Product Information

Now is your opportunity to personally plan your retirement so that you too can expect a future filled with an abundance of leisure time, laughter, joy, and quality financial freedom. In How to Retire Rich: Create Your "Second Life" by Following Your Fortune Formula, America's Money Answers Man and retirement guru Jordan Goodman gets up close and personal with you about creating your specific plan to financial freedom. In this broad scoped program Jordan drives away several age-old retirement myths and shares everything you'd ever want to discover about the roadblocks and benefits of various retirement lifestyle and investment options that are waiting for you.

Jordan acquaints you to a myriad of exceptional tools, conceptions, and strategies that cover the full range of preparatory work that you will need to do for your retirement. Following his advice to make your own personally tailored system will not only free you of the burden of an irregular future, but it can also be a fun-filled and personally rewarding undertaking.

Included in your Fortune Formula Retirement Planning Kit you will find:

* Your Retirement Readiness, Life Goals Inventory, and Dreamscape Action Checklists.
* A list of the 9 Keys to Intelligent Stock Investing.
* An discussion of the 5 Categories of Stocks and hot tips on how to successfully invest for the future.
* A breakdown of the 10 Investment Risks.
* A listing of the 6 Tough Questions to ask in assessing an early retirement offer.
* An action plan on how you can receive the best insurance deals.
* Systems for fool-proofing your plans and formatting your estate to avoid additional costs.
* The 10 Action Steps that you can do to effectively survive economic downturn.
* …And much, much more!

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