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Infinite Self
By Stuart Wilde
6 CD's - $79.95

Infinite Self

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Product Information

If you honestly have a desire to experience the kingdom of consciousness beyond your daily, business-as-usual life-to "transcend"-then Stuart Wilde is there to help you learn.

A spiritual guide with an irreverent style, he can lead you towards the profound along with the profoundly ridiculous. He can aid you drill down into your eternal nature, to pass through the open door to perception that leads beyond your physical senses.

Through his meditations and exercises, you can start to learn to feel more awe, less fear, decidedly less seriousness, and increased positive energy in every moment of your life.

Stuart Wilde can lead you on the path to realizing your eternal nature, to feeling the infinite God Force inside of you. Whether you acknowledge it as Christ, God the Father, Buddha, the Great Spirit, the infinite force . . . whatever. He can assist you in feeling closer and more in tune with the core of yourself that experiences non-finite life.

Stuart Wilde provides you with 33 practical steps for recovering your inner power, which include learning to:
o Accept direction from Spirit
o Become controller of your own destiny
o Discover personal freedom through acceptance and detachment
o Focus your mind
o Cleanse yourself of ego-based limitations
o Devote your life to the Sacred Way
o Have an copiousness of inspiration and creative manifestation
o Go full steam ahead with the energy of Quest

Stuart Wilde believes that spiritual power is everyone's birthright, and you need only to set yourself free to reclaim it. And once you've felt the Infinite Self, you'll feel a broader love and gratitude for your life in every way.

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