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The Journey Beyond Enlightenment
By Stuart Wilde
6 CD's - $99.95

The Journey Beyond Enlightenment

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Product Information

In The Journey Beyond Enlightenment, internationally-recognized author and "spiritual warrior" Stuart Wilde will show you how to get at and enter what he calls the Mirror World - a hyperdimensional realism that exists beyond the restraints of time, space, and intellect. A reality that lies just past the boundaries of ordinary vision. A reality which, once you enter it, will open up the astonishing power of true, authentic spirituality.

Stuart presents a host of rules of thumb, mechanisms and practical exercises for going into this mirror world and piloting your way through it. As you progress along this unusual voyage, you will discover …

* How to see the collective unconscious as a physical dimension you can actually travel to, live in, and explore.

* The most beneficial time of day to view the mirror world.

* The bodily feelings that show you are engaged with the mirror world

* How striving for "enlightenment" in the established ways is actually keeping you further from it.

* Fantastic new biophysical analysis that supports the existence of the etheric field.

* The solution to making yourself impregnable to dark energies.

* And much, much more.

In The Journey Beyond Enlightenment, Stuart Wilde fearlessly digs into subjects, conceptions, and planes of consciousness that few spiritual teachers ever presume to consider. If you are open to a ride that's completely irregular, to a destination that may look nothing like what you've thought about, then you are most welcome on this fantastic journey!

NOTE* Please be sure to consult with your physician before embarking on any dietary changes recommended in this program.

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