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The Late-Start Investor
By John Wasik
6 CD's - $79.95

The Late-Start Investor

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Product Information

In this well-timed program, you'll learn everything you should know and do to get to that place of financial security and growth you're dreaming of. Even better, you'll learn how to do it all on your own, without the pricey " help " of stockbrokers, financial advisers, or other self-interested middlemen, and in ways that aren't speculative, time-consuming, or uneasy.

In The Late-Start Investor you'll discover how to:

* Cash in on the goldmines that have been tucked away into your 401(k) and other retirement plans.
* Start late but finish wealthy in the stock market - even in today's explosive economic climate!
* Keep most of what you earn at tax time by taking advantage of little-known information that has been hidden from you.
* Lose the "have to have" mentality, gain clarity on what you really want and must have for the rest of your life and what you need to do to attain it, and then establish the steps that will get you there.
* Manage your cash month to month without developing a budget, so that your past is paid up, your present is taken care of, and your future is well-funded.
* Maintain your wealth and defend yourself against inflation, with an investment strategy whose force most people never realize.
* Pay for your children's education and still be creating prosperity - even if you're starting at zero.

There's no reason to be eaten away by fear, anxiousness, and despair - not when a prosperous, secure financial future is so mind-boggling easy to achieve. Having a clear, step-by-step wealth-building plan and knowing it will work for you no matter what will give you the most unbelievable sense of relief and excitement imaginable. Get it NOW in The Late-Start Investor.

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