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Laws of Inner Wealth
By Sir John Templeton
5 CD's - $79.95

Laws of Inner Wealth

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Product Information

The spirit of the ages is calling out to you. Are you ready to answer, and uncover the treasure chests hidden inside you?

Laws of Inner Wealth is an accumulation of wisdom drawn from sacred scriptures of the world and various schools of philosophical thought. Spiritual philanthropist Sir John Templeton became schooled in and assessed the writings of world-renowned philosophers, artists, scientists, and historians to create this universal treasury of knowledge and insight.

Let Sir John take you sightseeing through the wisdom of the ages. Learn the common denominator of outer and inner wealth as you learn to commit yourself to the ethical and spiritual fundamentals of success.

Even if your life is working for you, you'll benefit by rediscovering rationales you may have avoided along the way… and taking on an even more purposeful approach to living.

Laws of Inner Wealth will show you how to:

o Refresh your natural storage of spiritual wealth
o Assume a lively attitude towards life
o Check emotional distress
o Build spiritual investments that pay off
o Fend off a sense of false prosperity
o Find the strength needed to attain your goals
o Mend your mind and spirit with love
o Remove the fear out of the unknown
o Show gratitude through positive actions
o Direct your course away from doubts and fears that stifle you
o Cherish and keep you spiritual abundance safe

Your opportunity to empower your life with meaning and add to your own lasting improvement is finally here. The Laws of Inner Wealth will motivate you to think more deeply about the laws you live by, and harvest the rewards of their practical application.

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